SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. offers an extensive array of construction inspection and material testing services that allows us to provide timely, professional, and thorough construction services for your project. We work with developers, architects, engineers, government agencies, utilities companies, municipalities, insurance companies, attorneys and private owners to provide comprehensive construction inspection and material testing services. With local knowledge and available resources in mind, our construction inspection and material testing engineers and field inspectors work directly with clients, developers and general contractors during the construction phase of the project, and respond quickly to ever-changing construction needs and schedules.

SALEM Engineering Group, Inc.’s field technicians and inspectors are supervised directly by our staff of Professional Engineers, and possess a variety of qualifications and certifications. Our technical staff is made up of the following:

  • DSA Certified Masonry Inspectors
  • AWS Certified Welding Inspectors
  • ACI Concrete Field Testing Tech – Grade I
  • ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician
  • ACI Aggregate Testing Technician – Level I
  • ACI Concrete Lab Testing Tech – Level I
  • Nuclear Density/Moisture Gauge Operators
  • Nuclear Gauge Radiation Safety Officers
  • 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training
  • ICC Structural Steel and Welding Inspectors
  • ICC Spray-Applied Fire Proofing Inspectors
  • ICC Reinforced Masonry Inspectors
  • ICC Reinforced Concrete Inspectors
  • ICC Soils Special Inspectors
  • ICC Master of Special Inspections
  • California Department of Transportation
  • ASNT Certified Inspectors
  • Our laboratories are managed under the direct supervision of a State Registered Civil Engineer. SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. administers an internal Quality Assurance Program, which outlines the required Quality Control and Quality Assurance practices for our firm. Our manual is regularly updated to ensure up-to-date compliance with national agencies in which we have membership.

    Our construction inspection and material testing services most frequently include:

    Deep Foundation Observations and Inspections
    • Observation and Inspection of Pile Driving Operations
    • Observation and Inspection of Cast-In-Drilled-Hole Concrete Caissons
    • Observation and Inspection of Stone Columns and Geo-Piers
    • Observation and Inspection of Helical Pier Installations
    • Observation and Inspection of Micro Pile Operations
    • Cut & Fill Slope Observation and Testing
    • Building Pad Preparation Observation and Testing
    • Engineered Fill Observations
    • Hillside Grading Observation and Testing
    • Mass Grading Observation and Testing
    • Retaining Wall Construction Observation and Testing
    • Site Demolition Observation and Documentation
    • Soils Compaction Testing
    • Subgrade and Aggregate Base Compaction Testing
    • Underground Utility Trench Backfill Observation and Testing
     Quality Control/Quality Assurance
    • Review of Contractor Quality Control Program
    • Preparation and/or Review of Quality Assurance Program
    • Implementation of QA/QC Program
    • Verification of Quality Plan Processes during construction
    Materials Testing
    • Aggregate Compliance Testing
    • Asphalt Concrete Compliance Testing
    • Asphalt Laboratory Testing
    • Asphalt Mix Design Preparation and Review
    • Chemical Stabilization Assessment and Testing
    • Concrete Compressive Testing
    • Concrete Mix Design Preparation and Review
    • Import Suitability Testing
    • Masonry, Mortar, & Grout Compressive Testing
    • Masonry Coring
    • Mortar Flow and Strength Testing
    • Reinforcing Steel Tensile, Bend and Elongation Testing
    • Soil-Cement Design Preparation
    Special Inspections
    • Bolt Torque Inspection
    • Concrete Flatwork and Pavement Observation and Testing
    • High-Strength Bolt Inspection
    • Fire-Proofing Inspection
    • Masonry Inspection
    • Post-Tensioned Concrete Observation
    • Reinforced Steel Inspection
    • Shotcrete Placement Observation
    • Structural Masonry Inspection
    • Welding and Structural Steel Inspection
    • Wood Shearwall And Roofing Inspection

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