“Our Mission is to develop long-term relationships by providing the highest quality environmental and geotechnical drilling services to our clients throughout California.”

SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. is a C-57 licensed drilling contractor in California, and we have provided geotechnical and environmental drilling services for hundreds of sites throughout California.  Our experienced team of drilling professionals is committed to high quality work with thorough field documentation for the sole purpose of providing excellent data service to our valued clients.

SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. utilizes truck-mounted drill rigs with solid-flight, hollow-stem, and rock core sampling equipment. We currently employ Central Mine Equipment (CME) 45 and 55 rigs mounted on heavy duty 4-wheel drive trucks and are capable of drilling via hollow-stem and/or solid-flight auger methods, with SPT and Cal-Mod sampling equipment and auto-hammer setups. Our drill rigs are capable of drilling and collecting geotechnical and environmental soil samples to depths in excess of 50 feet with on-board equipment capable of mud rotary drilling (if needed).

Our staff of professional and experienced drillers and drill support team have logged thousands of feet of drilling in various soil conditions found throughout California, and are uniquely familiar with the different soil structures that can be expected from different regions throughout the state.  With our extensive experience in California, we are able to provide our clients with optimum drilling and sampling protocols dependent on property location and project objective.

We have extensive experience in geotechnical drilling and soil sampling, piezometer installation, monitoring well installation/abandonment, environmental soil and groundwater sampling, geotechnical soil borings, and remediation piping installation, groundwater sampling, and various other drilling techniques.  Please contact us for a customized quote or proposal for services.


Geotechnical Drilling & Services
  • Hollow Stem Auger Drilling
  • Solid Flight Drilling
  • California Modified Sampling (CMS)
  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
  • Mud Rotary Drilling
  • Piezometer Installation
Environmental Drilling & Services
  • Soil Drilling & Sampling Services
  • Groundwater Sampling Services
  • Monitoring Well Installation
  • Monitoring Well Abandonment Services

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