Twin Peaks Mall
Longmont, Colorado



Environmental Consulting
Geotechnical Engineering Investigation
Construction Inspection & Material Testing


The Twin Peaks Mall redevelopment project included the demolition of the majority of the former Twin Peaks mall, with the exception of the existing Dillard’s Department store, and the development of at least 25 retail building pads, parking and drive areas, underground utilities and associated infrastructure for an approximate 480,000 square foot shopping center in Longmont, Colorado to include a large retail building (approximately 136,000-square-feet), a proposed movie theatre (approximately 49,000 square-feet), six additional major building pads (approximately 29,500-square feet to 33,000 square-feet); seventeen minor building pads (approximately 4,000-square-feet to 11,000-square-feet) and parking and pavement areas. Off-site improvements included reconfiguration and construction of surrounding roadways and segments associated with Ring Road and Hover Street. SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. was retained to perform the following scopes of work during various phases of the project development:

  • Hazardous Materials Survey
  • Pre-Demolition Asbestos Survey
  • Post-Abatement Visual Inspection
  • Geotechnical Engineering Investigation
  • Construction Inspection & Material Testing


SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. completed a Hazardous Materials Survey and Pre-Demolition Asbestos Survey for the purpose of identifying hazardous materials and asbestos-containing materials (ACM) within the buildings to be demolished. Upon completion of the removal of the identified hazardous materials and abatement of the identified ACM by a third-party subcontractor, SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. conducted a post-abatement visual inspection to confirm all previously identified hazardous materials within the buildings were removed. 

SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. completed a Geotechnical Engineering Investigation at the site for the purpose of evaluating the subsurface conditions as well as to provide engineering recommendations for site preparation, earthwork procedures and foundations/slab systems parameters associated with the new construction. SALEM Engineering Group, Inc.’s geotechnical engineering investigation included drilling fifty-four (54) borings at various depths up to 25 feet below ground surface (bgs) within the various retail pad buildings, parking and pavement areas; drilling five (5) cores within the existing mall buildings; collection of intact and bulk soil samples; and a variety of laboratory tests.  

During construction, SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. was retained as the Geotechnical Engineer of Record and completed construction inspection and material testing to confirm the proposed retail buildings, movie theater and parking/pavement areas were constructed/completed in accordance with the approved plans and specifications.  SALEM Engineering Group, Inc.’s construction inspection and material testing included reinforced concrete observations, concrete sampling and compression testing, reinforcing steel placement observations, masonry inspections, epoxy inspections, shear wall inspections, fireproofing inspections and testing, shop and field welding inspections, soils and foundations inspections. SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. worked closely with the contractor, developer and City of Longmont throughout the construction phase of the project to ensure all improvements were constructed in accordance with approved plans and Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) specifications.

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