Forensic Engineering is the discipline of applying engineering principles, real-world experience, laboratory testing and other related sciences to determine the proximate, or most-likely cause and duration of damage to structures and properties. A quick response and assessment of the conditions is typically desired to minimize risk and to assist in restoring the structure to a safe and useful state.

SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. has a professional relationship with several national insurance companies and independent adjuster firms for forensic engineering services. Additionally, SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. works directly with developers, commercial property owners and homeowners to assist with assessing problem conditions on their properties that do not involve insurance companies or adjusters.

An important aspect of forensic engineering is providing support for those involved in potential or actual litigation. SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. has experience in gathering data and presenting information in clear and concise reports for mediation, arbitration and jury trials. SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. presents fact-based statements backed by sound engineering experience and judgement.

SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. performs assessments of the structural integrity of existing structures. This includes verifying the condition of the building materials and determining the existing or as-built load bearing capacity of the structure or components of the structure. SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. also performs failure analysis of building components. SALEM Engineering Group, Inc.’s work in forensics covers a wide range of project types. SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. is able to provide recommendations and plans for repairs of damage. Examples of common forensic projects are indicated below:

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  • Differential Vertical Movement
  • Materials Quality and Soundness
  • Verifying or Determining As-Built Conditions
  • Failure Analysis
  • Assessment of Structural Integrity


  • Drainage
  • Erosion
  • Settlement/Collapse/Consolidation
  • Foundation movement
Water / Mold
  • Water Intrusion
  • Humidity
  • Building Envelope Failure


Recommendations for Repair
  • Foundations: Piers, caisson, other lifting techniques
  • Walls and Beams: Wood, CMU, steel and trusses
  • Roofs: Cut and stack and trusses
  • Pavement: Asphalt Concrete and Concrete

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