SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. provides site specific pavement evaluations for commercial, industrial, educational, and residential projects. SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. will recommend specific field, laboratory, and geotechnical evaluation protocols for assessing the existing and proposed site pavements. We are experienced in traditional remove and replace pavement rehabilitation processes, as well as cold-in-place recycling, hot-in-place recycling, full depth rehabilitation, and grind/mill and overlay.

Asphalt and Concrete Pavement Evaluation and Design

SALEM  Engineering Group, Inc. has provided a number of pavement design services for new construction and rehabilitation of existing deteriorated pavements. Pavement evaluations and design consist of subgrade sampling, subgrade preparation, compaction, and R-value testing. In conjunction with the State of California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) design manual and AASHTO, we help to provide our clients with various methods for rehabilitation for Asphalt Concrete and/or Portland Cement Concrete for the proposed use of the proposed pavements.  In addition, gravel pavements can be designed for specific vehicle loading, as well as stabilizing areas prone to saturation.

Off-Site Roadway Improvements

Working with regulating agencies, be it city, county, or state agencies, we will determine acceptable local practices and road classification to present options to determine the most effective means of improving off-site pavements with regards to existing pavement structural sections, existing performance of pavements, subgrade quality and strength.  Typically, encroachment permits and traffic control plans are required for work in right-of-way roadway areas.  SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. strives to develop effective scopes of work to provide effective field sampling and observations, while maintaining a safe work zone.  Various methods can be used once the subgrade material has been verified and poor subgrade characteristics can be strengthened through the use of chemical and mechanical stabilization.  Full depth reclamation has been used to stabilize poor strength subgrade as well as upgrade pavement strength and provide minimum construction delay.

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