Stanford Energy Systems Innovation (SESI) Pipeline Project
Stanford University, California


Geotechnical Field Observation and Testing
Construction Inspection & Material Testing


The Stanford Energy System Innovations (SESI) project was a part of Stanford University's sustainability program that was designed to meet the energy needs of its Palo Alto campus through 2050. Major components of the SESI project included the following:

  • Construction of the innovative Central Energy Facility (CEF) that utilizes heat recovery and thermal storage to maximize efficiency within the university’s heating and cooling systems.
  • Construction of a new electrical substation located next to the CEF, designed to provide new energy capacity and direct access to the electrical grid.
  • Installation of a hot water distribution piping system (approximately 20 miles long) throughout the campus to replace the in-place steam system.
  • Mechanical system upgrade to the approximately 155 buildings set up to receive the afore-mentioned hot water piping system.


In February 2012, SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. was awarded a 3-year multi-million dollar contract with Stanford University for the SESI project, after completion of a year-long pilot study.  SALEM Engineering Group, Inc.’s scope of work included geotechnical field observation and testing, construction inspections, and material testing services for approximately 10,000 linear feet (107,000 feet of pipe) of the innovative pre-insulated carbon steel low temperature hot water (LTHW) supply and returns piping, 2,500 linear feet of chilled water piping, and 5,800 linear feet of high voltage duct bank.  In addition, SALEM Engineering Group, Inc. provided construction inspection & material testing services of the 5 (five) regional heat exchange stations situation throughout the campus.

Construction inspection & material testing services included a combination of field observation and compaction testing, visual welding inspections, non-destructive welding inspections, and specialized pipe joint kit installation observation and testing.

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