Sr. Geotechnical Engineer


Masters of Science - Geotechnical Engineering, Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Bachelor of Science - Civil Engineering, Chung-Yuan University, Chung-Li, Taiwan


Registered Civil Engineer – California
Registered Geotechnical Engineer – California


Radiation Safety and Use of Nuclear Soil Gauges
Qualified SWPPP Developer

Mr. Jiang graduated from Utah State University (USU) with a Master’s Degree in Geotechnical Engineering in 1988 and has worked as a geotechnical engineer for 30 years with four geotechnical consulting firms. He has performed geotechnical investigations for various types of civil facilities, including large and small-scale residential, commercial and public development, transportation corridors, bridges, quarry reclamation, high-rise buildings, and wharfs. His areas of expertise include planning, field exploration, soil classification, drilling, logging and sampling, field percolation testing, laboratory testing, forensic study, liquefaction evaluation, settlement analysis, prefabricated vertical drain design, slope stability analysis, expansive soil evaluation, shoring design, mass grading, soil stabilization, ground modifications, shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, tieback and soil nail walls, pavement design, and computer application in the field of engineering.  He is also responsible for overseeing construction inspection and testing, structural observation, concrete and pavement mix design, and foundation inspection, and is able to provide timely recommendations to resolve issues encountered during construction.  Mr. Jiang has published several technical papers regarding consolidation and time rate settlement, and slope stability analysis.

Mr. Jiang is an expert in all the aspects of geotechnical engineering and is familiar with various types of field monitoring equipment, such as inclinometer for slope movement monitoring, manometer survey for structure levelness, and settlement monument and plate for long-term settlement assessment. Mr. Jiang is responsible for peer review and guidance for all logistical and technical aspects of complex geotechnical engineering projects. He has managed thousands of geotechnical projects for public works, transportation and major commercial and residential development projects located in the western and southern United States.